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Product Key

T = This is a tray wrapped product and contains a 3 day shelf life. It is perfect for freezing.

V = This denotes that these products are vacuum packed and have a 14 - 21 day shelf life.

Farm Shop - Pork

Pork   Pork   Pork   Pork
1.3kg Boned
Loin of Pork
£14.36 V
  1.3kg Boned
Leg of Pork
£13.00 V
  1.3kg Boned
Shoulder of Pork
£10.46 V
  2 x 227g Boned
Valentine Loin
£5.06 V
Pork   Pork   Pork   Pork
1.8kg Boned
Loin of Pork
£19.89 V
  1.8kg Boned
Leg of Pork
£18.00 V
  1.8kg Boned
Shoulder of Pork
£14.49 V
  454g Pork Chops
£4.63 T
Pork   Pork   Pork   Pork
454g Diced Pork
£3.65 V
  454g Minced
£3.33 T
  454g Belly Pork
(some bones)
£3.24 V
  227g Tenderloin
Fillet Medallions
£3.77 V
Pork   Pork   Pork   Pork
227g Dry Cured
Back Bacon
£3.74 V
  1kg Bacon
£8.50 V
  227g Dry Cured
Streaky Bacon
£2.32 V
  454g Bacon
£7.48 V

Our fresh pork cuts are usually always Middle White or Saddleback Pork from our own herd of pedigree pigs. All joints are strung and scored ready and perfect for roasting.

Please note:

  • Not all cured products are derived from meat which has been reared at Savin Hill Farm
  • 1.3kg joint will feed approximately 4 people
  • 1.8kg joint will feed approximately 6 people
  • Meat is cut within a range of +/- 60g
  • Images above are indicative of cuts of meat only